Monday, February 7, 2011

Eat Chocolate - Keychain

I made this for a friend of mine, who is a Chocolate Lover! 
I picked up these photo holder keychains at a local craft store, and created my own 'photo' with some In Colour DSP (Concord Crush colour). The stamp is from Eat Chocolate, and I added a bow with some Concord Crush 1/2" Stitched Poly Ribbon. I left the back plain, so she can add her own photo.

So just an update: 
I made it safely to Ontario! Thank goodness!! What a stressful morning I had...So I called for a cab around 7am, my flight was leaving at 9:50am so I thought I had plenty of time. But of course a winter storm warning was happening in Calgary(typical on the day I have to fly! yet the rest of the week is sunny!)  I called 2 different cab company's, one was a busy signal the entire time I tried calling, the other wasn't connecting, then finally I got through and was on hold listening to awful music, for an HOUR! I was freaking out...I had no other way of getting to the airport on time. So my wonderful boyfriend offered to go out in the snow storm and take the bus downtown to the hotel I work at and try to grab a cab there, since they usually are parked outside at all times... Thank goodness for him!!! While I waited impatiently on the phone, still on hold, he called me to say he found one! So finally I get in and it's already after 8am, and the roads were awful, and so was the traffic (now rush hour)...There was an accident going the opposite direction on the highway, so we were okay...whew...after a $50 cab ride (well i included a good tip) I made it to the airport with a half hour to spare before boarding...whew! I was lucky! And the flight was still on time! But we did leave about 25 min late just to wait for a few people, probably stuck in traffic too! The whole plane ride was smooth and wonderful! I love WestJet!!! 
My Plane...
They sprayed this radioactive stuff on the wings to get rid of ice and snow...
Once we got above the clouds it was gorgeous! 
Meet my parents new kitty...Sugar! she's so sweet, and a purr machine!!!

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  1. Morgan,

    I'm so glad everything worked out and you made your plane. I love your chocolate key chain holder - what a cool idea! Sugar is just so adorable. I just want to give her a big hug!



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