Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mica Flakes and Glimmer Paper!

This is my first time using my new Mica Flakes from the Holiday Mini catalogue, and I am in love with them! Can't believe what a great deal these are! Only $4.50 for a HUGE container! I was expecting something like the regular size for the Glass Glitter. Here's a photo to show you the difference!

 And a little goes a long way! This will last me forever!

I also used the new Silver Glimmer Paper for the first time...it's so sparkly! I'm so happy they came out with another colour, i loved the red one! Hopefully next year they will have more colours!

So to make this little shaker card, I used the Treat Cups with some Mica Flakes inside. 
Thanks to Rita for letting me know this Sweet Snowglobe isn't retired, like I previously thought...LOL  I could have sworn I saw it in the new catalogue, but didn't see it in the A la Carte section, or the Christmas section...it is actually on page 61 in the treat cup coordinating stamp section!


  1. It's actually in the Christmas section of the catalog. For some reason, they didn't put it with the rest of the A La Carte stamps. Very cute card!

  2. Thanks Rita, I thought I saw it, but then couldn't find it...i though I was going crazy! LOL

  3. ADORABLE!!!!! So sparkly wonderful!



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