Friday, September 24, 2010

Cutting and Prepping Night!

Sorry for the late post, but i've been busy cutting and preparing all my cards for my Stamp-A-Stack Class! I'm all done!! :) I've got 2 more days to finish all my stuff and pack it in my suitcases...hope everything fits! Fingers crossed!! ;) I also made some cute little thankyou gifts for everyone who comes to my class or workshop! I'll post those after my class....but they are so cute, can't wait to show you all!
So here's what i've accomplished tonight... Feels so good to get everything organized! My box of tools and supplies is getting bigger and bigger...i think my large suitcase will be filled! No room for clothes!! LOL

One more work day for me until vacation!!!! Hope tomorrow goes by fast! Can't wait to go home and see my family and friends!!!  :)


  1. Just tell Carlos he can't bring home many clothes and fill up his suitcase with yours! ;-)
    Lots of anxious people here waiting for you!! Especially your new little baby cousin! :-)



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