Friday, September 17, 2010

Cupcake Decorations....Production Night!

So i'm well on my way now to finishing these cupcake decorations for my brother's wedding. He's getting married Oct.2, i'm flying home (Ontario) in 10 days!!! Can't wait! But i've got so much to do before then!! But here's a few pics of the process...i'm doing close to a hundred, enough for decorating half of the cupcakes...Also when i get home i have to BAKE all the cupcakes too!! :)  So tonight i've been spending the last 2 hours Stamping, Sponging, Punching, Sticky taping and toothpicking, then ribbon tying!! LOL This was all my idea too! But i've got my GLEE playlist going and feeling good!! :) Don't Stop Believin'!!! ;)


  1. Yeah Morgie!!!! They are going to look awesome! :-)

  2. Hiya Morgan! Love your blog! These cupcake toppers are really, really cute! I am following you from VA!

  3. Love what you are doing. That looks like a lot of work, but I love your "Don't Stop Believin'". I am now a new follower of yours from SC.



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