Friday, April 6, 2012

A few things from this week....

I'm so excited for this weekend! Believe it or not, I have a 5 day weekend!!! I worked 9 days straight, then got Thurs-Mon off!  So that's why my posts lacked, but I'm really hoping to get some fun photos taken, as well as do some crafting! I'm planning to make a day trip to Banff sometime during this weekend, as well as get some major spring cleaning done in my apartment. Well, that's the plan.  So far my first day was spent doing absolutely nothing but catching up on my recorded tv shows and internet related things...a.k.a.  sitting on my ass! LOL and I enjoyed every bit of it!  Today however, I'm actually going to leave the house and have a sushi lunch date with my friend Allison. 
We got some snow the other day, not happy, but yesterday was sunny and it's looking like the rest of the weekend is warming up! 
Lola wanted to say hi...

So does the neighbours cat!  She likes to come and say hi in our window. For the first time ever, Lola went into our window, and that cat came by to say hi.

Lola got all scared and fuzzed up, but still purred. I think they're friends now. Lola is getting more outgoing now, she's sleeping in different places, jumping up in front of the tv, just like Sugar, my parents cat! It's nice to see her opening up and being more comfortable. She's such a sweetheart, loves her cuddles!

On another note, here's my bf building his new computer....another one!  Its nice to see him enjoying himself. I don't understand a thing, but he's the exact same way when I try to show him a card I made...LOL

Right now I have a few songs on in LOVE with Lana Del Ray, she's got such a haunting voice..just's a sample...

And I also love Gotye's  'Somebody That I Used To Know' ...and then I saw that Glee is doing it this coming's so amazing too!

Hope everyone is having a great long weekend!!!

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